Translating FreeField

FreeField relies on crowd-sourced translation. If you speak another language than English natively, you are very welcome to contribute your language to the project.

Getting started

FreeField uses the Crowdin localization platform. To get started on Crowdin, sign up for an account if you don’t already have one, then go to the FreeField project using this URL:

Click on your language to start translating. If your language isn’t listed, please create an issue on the issue tracker on GitHub stating which language (and if applicable, which regional dialect/variant) you wish to localize the project in, and the language/locale will be created for you.

Files to translate

The file view on Crowdin lists several files to translate, labeled by the types of strings that the file contains. Some files are prioritized; these are labeled with an up arrow (🠩) on the right hand side and should be localized first. Low priority files, labeled with a down arrow (🠫), should be localized last.


You do not have to translate everything! Translate as many strings as you want, but please start translating the high priority files first.


If you have any questions about translating FreeField, do not hesistate to raise an issue on the issue tracker on GitHub with your question. We value feedback on anything that might be unclear, and your input could help us write better documentation for others who many have the same question as you.